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On the Farm and in the Forest

The 'Afternoon Farm & Forest Program' is designed for children ages 5 to 14 years. Afternoons include outside free playtime in all weather, visiting the Temple-Wilton Community Farm with Farmer Lincoln, adventure walks in the woods, tending the hearth in our forest kitchen & schoolhouse wood cookstove, woodwork, building, and seasonal crafting projects for all.

This program is held year-round, Monday through Thursday, 2:45 p.m.- 5:30 p.m. The 2:45 p.m. start time is to accommodate school bus and parent/caregiver drop-off schedules. Children may join us one to four afternoons per week. The cost includes an afternoon snack and crafting materials.

Transportation is available via Wilton-Lyndeborough Bus #1 (2:45 p.m. drop-off at Isaac Frye Hwy & Badger Farm Rd.) and tractor-drawn covered wagon from High Mowing School, Pine Hill campus, at 3:15 p.m. dismissal.



Nurturing and Building

Though the coldest and darkest months are upon us the schoolhouse at Wild Rose Farm is alive with activity, light and warmth each afternoon. Our herbal harvest is brewed into warm and tasty teas or swirled into soothing beeswax salves. The wool from the summer's sheep shearing is shaped in warm, sudsy, water, and handcrafted into felt creations, some of which become seasonal gifts for family and friends. Our woodwork shop welcomes endless opportunities for building and woodcraft projects. During this time of the year, the lanterns and stars in the sky will light your way to pick up your child from our time together.



Germinating and Sprouting

The days are growing longer and the earth is thawing beneath our feet. The softening soil in the field and forest welcomes the seeds cast by the wind in the fall and our hands in the spring. After a season of many layers wrapped around us, it is a time of moving out beyond our forest kitchen onto the many trails through the woods, looking for signs of spring and welcoming back the light and warmth of the sun. Garden beds are planned and prepared, and seeds are planted and then cared for as they sprout. Spring is here!



Harvesting and Gathering Together

As the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, we are set to the task of bringing the light we gathered in during the long summer days into our hearth at Wild Rose Farm.  We spend our afternoons gathering herbs and flowers to dry and wood for fuel, splitting and stacking our armloads of logs and kindling. The outdoor gardens are put to bed for the winter and our indoor winter garden comes alive with crafting, cooking and celebrating the harvest together.

Afternoon: Projects


Winter to Spring 2024

(9 weeks) February 5 - April 11, 2024

Spring to Summer 2024

(7 weeks) April 22 - June 6, 2024

Autumn to Winter 2024

(13 weeks) September 9 - December 12, 2024

Guides: Farmer Lincoln, Emily Hall, Audra Rizzuto, Eden Rizzuto and visits from Elizabeth Brandley

Please NOTE: Given the number of students attending from the Pine Hill campus, we will follow the High Mowing School calendar. For children joining us from other schools we will take into account local SAU calendar holidays at time of invoicing as well as make every effort to coordinate 'make-up' afternoons, for absences due to academic calendars.

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Afternoon: Projects
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